Ride the Wave 15 - Stock Market Winners

~20,000 Covid-19 cases

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Subtitle info* You’ve probably read enough about Covid-19 on your own and I’m not one to add much value in writing about it. Something I would like to do is keep a tab of the # of cases in the USA #flattenthecurve.

Beat the S&P500 by riding the winners. This is my plan to build wealth using simple trend following tactics like adding to winners, cutting losers, and buying companies that I know and understand.

No idea where/how to start investing, email me!

Proven Winners

Madness in the world has made major changes to this section.

Bought $AMZN, $ZM, $SHOP

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. Financial decisions based on my newsletter are your responsibility. I write this letter for educational purposes. Formulate a plan that works for you.

The position size won’t equal 100%. I have small positions that I like to watch/track and build to. Once a company’s position size is greater than $VTI/VOO, I will add it to the table.

Recently Added

ZM -

NAVI - Navient

What I’m up to

Taleb twitter for Covid-19 news 😷🤒🧠#️⃣:

Taleb is the author of Antifragile.

Antifragility is commonly mistaken for being resilient. Antifragile means thriving in chaos. Here’s a better writer than me, explaining it. This ⏬ helped me understand too.

Covid-19 observations:

This hit hard and quick. Not saying that it will, but given the nature of travel and the ability for viruses to mutate, I can see a recession (buying opportunity) like this happen again.

  • Coronavirus is "slippery". It's mutating quickly which makes it difficult to solve. So quarantine, because we have no clue what we're going up against.

$MAR CEO gave a heartfelt message and cut his salary to $0. I can’t get excited enough about the business to invest, but it’s an admirable company run well.

Favorite idea I’ve seen on Twitter during these tough times ⏬ #SupportLocal

This week I ordered boar, bison, and venison from Force of Nature 🥩🦌🐃🐗 . They offer high quality meat and support regenerative efforts. A bit more expensive than Butcherbox, but equally satisfying when you want a change in taste. Here’s 10% off.

📚📚 recs!

Thanks for reading!

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