Ride the Wave 19 - Stock Market Winners

~698K Covid19 USA cases

Optimistic week for me. Still cautious about the pandemic and have no clue where we are headed. The markets don’t seem to care how long the recovery will take as long as they know it will recover.

If the worst is over, then Covid-19 and Spanish Flu share a crazy similar 30%+ drawdown and V shape recovery.

Proven Winners

Bought $AMZN and $DIS.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. Financial decisions based on my newsletter are your responsibility. I write this letter for educational purposes. Formulate a plan that works for you.

The position size won’t equal 100%. I have small positions that I like to watch/track and build to. Once a company’s position size is greater than $VTI/VOO, I will add it to the table.


Thought: Would you want to invest more in a company you own if it went down 10+%?

If not, why do you own?

SPCE - Virgin Galactic

Chamath owns.


Minor sells this week:

  • $IFF - tax harvesting.

  • $TSE, $GM, $BNED - during a downturn, strong get stronger. Weak die.

  • $SNAP - think they'll struggle to make money kind of like Twitter. Ads on Snapchat are annoying. $PINS 👀📈

  • $ZM - same reasons as last week - too much hype.

What I’m up to

Who remembers Cholera? 🤢😷🤒🌡️🏥

Covid deaths vs. other epidemics.

Now the visual with Spanish Flu. 🤯💀

Figuring out ways to record notes: 📓🗒️🤓🖋️

The iPhone app Otter is legit.

Beat the S&P500 by riding the winners. This is my plan to build wealth using simple trend following tactics like adding to winners, cutting losers, and buying companies that I know and understand.

No idea where/how to start investing, email me!

📚📚 recs!

Thanks for reading!

✌️ Luke