Ride the Wave 21 - Stock Market Winners

~1.52M Covid19 USA cases

Robinhood announced fractional shares last week. It’s hard to notice in the midst of this Covid battle, but drastic changes are happening for the better.

Don’t try to time. Get and stay in. This has me thinking a multiple expansion may happen. More on P/E and multiple expansion below.

Proven Winners

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. Financial decisions based on my newsletter are your responsibility. I write this letter for educational purposes. Formulate a plan that works for you.

The position size won’t equal 100%. I have small positions that I like to watch/track and build to. Once a company’s position size is greater than $VTI/VOO, I will add it to the table.


Thought: Winners win.

Investing in the S&P500 will keep you in the winners.

Claiming the entire market is overpriced is a dangerously popular reason to sell. It makes the game tougher than needed. The randomness isn’t comprehendable. What looks expensive today maybe was cheap in the past. Make a plan that gives you the best night’s sleep and stick to it.

$SQ - Square

$EBAY - Seth Klarman’s portfolio.

Selling activity since last post:

  • $ZM - low switching costs.

  • $TSE, $BCPC, $ANET, $MCFT, $MU - 5% trailing stop in preparation for Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion. I haven’t been satisfied with these 5% trailing stops because of how quickly it is getting me out. Will try an uncommon # like 6.

    • $MCFT, for example, sold at $9.57. Currently it trades @ $11.44.

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