Ride the Wave 22 - Stock Market Winners

~1.67M Covid19 USA cases


This one will be short. I’m resting up for a busy work week and recovering from an exhausting holiday beach weekend. 🏖️👙

Proven Winners

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. Financial decisions based on my newsletter are your responsibility. I write this letter for educational purposes. Formulate a plan that works for you.

The position size won’t equal 100%. I have small positions that I like to watch/track and build to. Once a company’s position size is greater than $VTI/VOO, I will add it to the table.


$DS - Drive Shack was crushed 📉 during the Covid shock. Pre-covid, the Raleigh location stayed packed. The golf, music, tv, restaurant setup is brilliant.

Selling activity since last post:

  • $DIS - tax harvesting

  • $PLAY - 6% trailing stop in preparation for Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion. 6% trailing stop executed quicker than I wanted. Let’s go up to 7.

    • $PLAY sold at $11.07. Currently it trades @ $12.18.

What I’m up to

Building a second brain with Notion. 🧠🗒️


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - turned this into an episode 6-9 Star Wars marathon. Some fanatics hate these newer ones, but still watch because they’re devotees. It’s mind blowing to me how much Star Wars content there is and yet to come. $DIS.

Game of Zones 🏀

Never Have I Ever - teenage comedy drama that’s freshened my perspective. An easy one to passively watch.

Defending Jacob - had high expectations for this crime drama. The first few episodes are kind of slow, but they keep you hooked. It got real during episode 7.

Bad Education - a wild true story with star acting. I enjoy true stories that seem to stick to the facts because the truth often gets stretched @MJ - The Last Dance. Good one to watch passively.

Outer Banks - fun action/drama series. Also, the most ridiculous and inaccurate show I’ve seen in a long time. Pops lived on the NC coast during his teenage years and helped point out the ridiculousness.

Shark Tank and The King of Queens - 2 shows on my Mount Rushmore of TV.

This newsletter was fueled by dark chocolate! 😋

📚📚 recs!

Thanks for reading!

✌️ Luke